Charlotte Christopher is a straight genius with a camera. She’s also one of the cooler people that we know. A couple weeks back, we got to take advantage of both of those characteristics during one of the coldest yet somehow still incredibly enjoyable photo shoots we’ve done.

And the fact that we’ve only done one photo shoot shouldn’t negate just how cold /enjoyable this shoot was.  


Recently did a shoot with the crazy, wonderful and rambunctious crew that is The Rooks.

We had no time to plan, the weather was cloudy and dull, there’s a good chance I encouraged voluntary frostbite, and despite all that, we still managed to get shots that let the incredible energy and playfulness of their group shine through.

Wanna a little more of their awesome in your life? Come check out their upcoming residency at pianos this month. 

The Rooks Pre-Production Extravaganza!

With our three-and-change month run of shows wrapping up, The Rooks family has been switching gears to focus on our upcoming return to the recording studio! That means a whole lot of writing, rehearsing, and laying down demo tracks using whatever jangly, makeshift gear we can piece together. We’re really excited about the new material, and will of course keep you posted on how things are moving along (and maybe even give you a sneak peak into some of the sessions…but no promises…), so keep your ears to the ground! 


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Our showcase at the Hudson Hotel on Friday was totally nuts. Amazing acts, including best friend in our hearts, Lyle Divinsky. 

And our first show in Boston was just as crazy. Thank you to the people who came out in support and the new friends we made along the way. Look at our boys in Grand Street 5 as spooky skeletons/pandas.

Our make up game wasn’t that tight, but we did werk.


Last night we hit the stage at The Emporium in Long Island and performed our third show with our west coast family in team Watsky. Also made some new friends in Wax, EOM and our local L.I. native boys Mike Tokes, Louey Fierce and Johnny Mandelino.

It was definitely a great night of music, but an even better night of hanging out with people you love, doing what you love. And we can’t ask for anything more.


…For welcoming us into your baller tree-house venue and dancing with us like there was no tomorrow. After we left the stage, Gabe couldn’t help but try out some moves for himself. See you soon!

For posterity’s sake, here’s the set list for safe keeping. We dub the first stop on the college tour a success. 

Now on to Watsky & Wax at the Emporium in Long Island. We could NOT be more stoked to team up with that crew. #ThirdTime’sACharm